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Grid Based Layout

Posted on 04 Dec 2013 in Uncategorized

When creating a website, the layout is what initially draws the users eyes to the page. It should entice the user and make them think, “WOW! This site looks great.”  It should have them tilting their head to the side, widening their eyes, and nodding their heads in approval. When many of us see something […]

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Sustainable Web Design

Posted on 07 Nov 2013 in Marketing, User Experience, Web Design

1751 is committed to sustainable web design. Are you? Global warming and climate change is a topic of discussion that has been on everyone’s radar for the past decade. Recycling programs have been implemented, families are washing out and reusing their glass jars, and overall costumers have been making a concerted effort to simply use […]

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Sticky Menus are Here to Stay

Posted on 16 Oct 2013 in User Experience, Web Design

All of us are using websites that employ “sticky” design as we spend endless hours browsing on a daily basis. On our daily scan through Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedln, and other social media webpages sticky design is in full force. Sticky menus have become a widely accepted menu technique allowing for easier navigation through a […]

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Are You Saying YES to Flat Design?

Posted on 26 Sep 2013 in Mobile Commerce, User Experience, Web Design

Last Wednesday we all anxiously watched our iPhone for the little notification at the top right of our settings icon.  When iOS7 finally arrived I rushed to an area with wifi and urged the update on. As reported back in June, a new design trend referred to as “flat” design has taken off this year. At first […]

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Large and In Charge Buttons

Posted on 12 Sep 2013 in Web Design

In this day and age, users want easy answers and they want them quickly. As users, we want to find information while exerting the least amount of time and energy. Technology and search engines have trained and conditioned humans to expect complex answers to be displayed after a few simple clicks. When the few simple […]

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Psychology of Color: What Does It Mean For Your Brand?

Posted on 20 Aug 2013 in Marketing

Recently, I spent a weekend in New York City. Born and raised in a suburb of Boston, I tend to stay far away from the dauntingly large, overly populated and often overwhelming city of New York. In all honesty, I think this visit was only my second in my whole life (the first being a […]

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An Infographic Lesson on Typography

Posted on 07 Aug 2013 in Typography

It is nearly impossible to imagine a world without type. At the same time, typography is taken for granted because it is pretty much everywhere. Because typography is ubiquitous, it is an extremely important element of design that should not be taken lightly. Ultimately, typography is a way for the artistic and designer part of […]

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Going Mobile With Design

Posted on 31 Jul 2013 in Top Tips

Does your website have lots of content on it? Do you worry that you have so much content it seems impossible that you would be able to fit it all into a small screen? Adjusting a content-filled website for mobile devices may seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help! While it may […]

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