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Small Businesses Visualized as Infographics

Posted on 23 Jul 2013 in Top Tips | 0 comments

Do you own a small business? Are you looking to start your own? We have rounded up some easy-to-follow infographics on what operating a small business entails. As you will see, small businesses are the heartbeat of America’s economy–from fueling a passion, to reviving the purchasing behavior of consumers, and finally creating a myriad of jobs.

How Small Business Gets Started… And Keeps Running

  • The main reason why small businesses start (67%) is because of personal passion
  • A total of 39 hours per week are spent on conducting business services, sales, communications, financial management, web marketing, getting paid, contact management, employee management, and other marketing activities
  • It takes more than just working in the office to successfully operate a small business — 21 hours are spent in the office while 12 hours are spent outside of the office
  • Most small businesses are operated either in the office or at home
  • With the increased reliance on mobile devices, it is very important to own one; especially since most small business owners use their mobile device on average of 21 times per day to conduct business

Small Business Status in 2013

  • Almost half of small business owners feel that the economy had a more positive effect in 2012 than in 2011 on their small businesses
  • The 2012 holiday season allowed 58% of small business owners to feel more optimistic toward revenues during that time
  • 67% of small business owners plan to put more money into their business by increasing their marketing spending in 2013
  • Many small business owners recognize the rise of social media usage as 70% plan to increase their Facebook presence, 50% plan to increase their Google+ presence, 58% hope to increase their Twitter presence, 49% hope to increase their LinkedIn presence, and 72% hope to increase their blog presence
  • 88% of small business owners are the primary marketer for their business
  • 77% of small business owners recognize that e-mail marketing increases revenue because $1 spent on e-mail marketing creates $40 in revenue

 The Keys to Success for Small Businesses

  • Level 1: Solopreneur – lots of time is needed for the 22 million businesses with one employee that exist in America
  • Level 2: Partnership – making up 1.7 million of the businesses in America, there are two to three employees in this level and salesmanship is crucial to have
  • Level 3: Steady Operation – America is made up of 1.9 million steady operation businesses. In this stage, marketing and service are paramount for success
  • Level 4: Local Success Story – 900,000 businesses meet this stage as they recognize the critical factor of “setting the vision”
  • Level 5: Managed Organization – making up 200,000 businesses in America, the 26 to 100 employees have recognized the critical factor they need is “hire to the vision”
  • Level 6: Mature Company – only 60,000 of businesses in America reach this level where the 101 to 200 employees use strategic planning
  • Level 7: Corporate Player – even smaller than the level of “the mature company”, the corporate player consists of 30,000 businesses in America with up to 500 employees who use the critical factor of leader development

Although Small, Small Businesses are a Big Deal

  • They create jobs, contribute revenue, and give back to the community
  • Small businesses provide the US economy a 54% increase in revenue
  • Small businesses created 65% more jobs in the past 17 years
  • Small businesses give $31 more in local spending for the community than do chain stores
  • In terms of giving back, 90% of small business owners give to charities and 70% of small business owners give personal time for volunteering







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